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Jack Camper Scholarship Fund

The Jack Camper Scholarship Fund is available to ACE members to ensure all chamber executives and staffs have the ability to further their careers. Scholarships are available for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute Program, WACE Annual Conference and Academy, ACCE, other U.S. Chamber of Commerce conferences and more.  

2017 Guidelines

2017 Application

SRP/ACE Conference Scholarship 

Salt River Project (SRP) expresses its gratitude to chambers of commerce throughout Arizona for their hard work and dedication to economic development, public policy and dedication to the business community. Salt River Project understands the importance of the ACE Annual Conference to chamber executives and their staff. SRP is a proudly sponsors ACE and is offering 20 scholarships for chamber executives and/or staff to attend the 2017 ACE Annual Conference. Scholarships include registration for one and a two-night hotel stay. Applications are due by August 4, 2017.   

2017 Guidelines

2017 Application

Annual Statewide Legislative Agenda for Arizona Business

Arizona Chamber Executives provides an avenue for chambers across the state to work together on issues at local, state and federal levels.

The annual legislative agenda is one way Arizona chambers show legislators and other elected officials how we stand together and advocate for Arizona businesses on issues affecting the business community and Arizona as a whole. This document also provides chamber executives the power to officially sign in for or against bills during the legislative session.

Local Chambers Call 

Keep up-to-date with the latest news of note from the Arizona Legislature through a weekly local chambers call. Calls occur each Friday at 1:30 p.m. Call-in information is sent prior to first call. (Calls occur during legislative session only.) 

FY 2019 Executive Budget Overview

Economic Leadership Forum

ACE's Economic Leadership Forum offers chamber executives the opportunity to meet on a regular basis for valuable professional development and to share experiences and management tools. Chamber executives acquire new strategies for success to strengthen the industry in an open dialogue, peer-to-peer setting. This confidential, non-competitive forum assists chamber executives in building long-term relationships based on support and trust.  These relationships are invaluable resources to everyone’s success. Meetings occur quarterly at chambers throughout the state.

Mentoring Program 

Why is a mentoring program important? Both the mentor and mentee benefit from the experience. Being at the top can be lonely when it comes to having someone to talk to in the chamber profession, so the mentoring program provides professional peers to discuss chamber-related challenges and successes. 

Although each mentor/mentee relationship is unique, here are basic guidelines for the ACE mentoring program.

  • Establish regular meeting times; once a month is the minimum.
  • Make a list of discussion topics for meetings.
  • Help your protégé chart progress in areas needing improvement.
  • Introduce your protégé to sources of information and contacts.
  • Share success factors from your own personal experiences.
  • Model appropriate professional behavior.
  • Encourage participation in all ACE events.

Contact Kathy Chance at for information on the ACE mentoring program.  

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